Monday 2 February 2015

Nail That Technique Challenge: Week 1- Blobbicure


So February started, can't believe a month of new year already ended and I am nowhere near to even start my new year's resolution :d . Anyway, good thing is that "Nail That Technique" challenge started and this is first week.  Technique to nail this week is "Blobbicure". 

I thought this will be a pretty easy technique and i will nail it in first attempt and i couldnt be more wrong. Though the technique is easy to do but require some attempts to perfect the results. Here is my mani, continue reading to know more about the technique:
Blobbicure is a technique where you put polish blobs from the brush itself, on a wet nail polish base and when you do so the blobs expands and create unique shapes. I put the blobs as if they create a mosaic kinda effect and i am pretty happy with the results. I did try a couple of time to get it right though.
blobbicure nail art
mosaic nail art
Polishes used:
black base is essence color and go black is black 
blobs are created with(left to right) el corazon matte effect neon 143, 146, 144 and 142
used nyc matte top coat for above photos and hk girl top coat for below shiny photos. 
el corazon matte effect neon nail polish
I hope you like this nail art and i hope that i will post a tutorial within this week to explaine it more clearly. 

Please check out other beautiful creations in the links below. 

Have a nice day.