Monday 22 July 2013

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling


I am so glad that i am a part of our nail community and grateful to my polish addiction which led me to you all. All nail community once again get together last friday to honor Talia with more than 1600 hashtags and 200 in-linkz of mint manis.She will always be remembered. 

Today, i have a beautiful flakie polish from Essence. Gorgeous Bling Bling  is a dark orange/pumpkin-ish shade with little gold flake in it. This polish is two coater.
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling

I bought this polish because the flakes were looking beautiful in the bottle somewhere in my heart i was doubtful whether they will transfer on my nails or not but i was wrong.. it looks exactly same on the nails. I love Essence color & go brushes.. they are dense enough and have tapered end.. i like them. 

I then stamped my nails with Cheeky's jumbo 2013 Happy Nails plate using Barry M Gold Foil.
Cheeky 2013 Jumbo  plate 1 Happy Nails
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
stamping with Barry M Gold Foil
in sunlight

I hope you like this manicure. Do you like Essence bling bling??

you can buy Essence polishes from Sally Magpies in  UK.


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