Wednesday 25 January 2017

Nfu Oh Holographic Polishes: Swatches and Nail Art


Today i have some gorgeous and super holographic nail polish swatches to share with you all. 
I got these beautiful Nfu Oh holographic polishes from Maconii Beauty. These polishes have unque numbers instead of having a proper name, which i dont appreciate very much but these are amazing polishes nevertheless. Lets jump into swatches 
Nfu oh holographic polishes

Nfu Oh #61 is a silver holographic polish. The formula of this one is very patchy and thin thats why it too four coats to cover my nail completely. I applied this polish on a peel off base but i somewhere read that these polishes works great with Nfu Oh Aqua base. I dont have it so i used UNT peel off base but except from this and one more polish, i didnt face any issue with rest of them.
nfu oh #61 swatch
nfu oh #61
nfu oh #61 holographic
 Nfu Of #62 is a pinkish nude holographic polish. i loved this shade so much, its perfect for office wear. Formula wise it is better than the silver one, it is not patchy. I applied three coats and top coat for the pictures. 
Nfu Of #62 swatch
Nfu Of #62
Nfu Of #62 holographic
Nfu Oh #64 is a dark pink holographic polish. Formula of this was same as #62. Three coats and top coat for the picture. All of these polishes have very thin formula so even when you apply three or four coats, they dry super fast and doesnt look like a thick layer of polish on the nails. 
Nfu Oh #64 swatch
Nfu Oh #64
Nfu Oh #64 holographic
Nfu Oh #65 is a blue holographic polish. Formula of this one was little bit similar to the silver one and that means that it needed four coats because it was very patchy. 
Nfu Oh #65 swatch
Nfu Oh #65 
Nfu Oh #65 holographic
Nfu Of #66 is a very pretty light green holographic polish. Formula is good and i applied three coats of nail polish with additional layer of top coat. 
Nfu Of #66 swatch
Nfu Of #66
Nfu Of #66 holographic
So, that was all the swatches i have. As i mentioned earlier too, though i applied minimum three layers of the polishes but these are quick dry polishes and applies very thinly so it doesn't feel like that you have put lots of coats on the nails.

I did geometric reverse stamping nail art using these polishes.
nfu oh holos
 stamping plate- B.Loves plates b.01- geometry is perfect 
stamping polish- konad black stamping plate
uber chic beauty nail art mat
holographic nail art
b loves plate b.01 geometry is perfect
So, that was all for today's post. Hope you like the nail art. Can you decide which one of these polishes are your favorite. 

Nfu Oh holographic polishes are available at Maconii for $19.95 and they ship worldwide. 

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Have a great day.