Tuesday 6 October 2020

Pink Gellac Boudoir Charm Collection

 Hello everyone, 

This post is going to show the swatches of a new collection by Pink Gellac. Pink Gellac is Netherland based gel nail polish company, I have reviewed their polishes previously also(see here). The polishes are of a very good quality and lasts more than 14 days(last time i wore a manicure for almost a month). 

Boudoir Charm collection has 5 beautiful gel polishes. The polishes can be bought individually or in a set with a beautiful box. 

Let's dive into swatches:

First one is 304 Radiant White. This one is a white polish with ton of golden sparkling micro glitters. Under certain light the base looks like a pinkish white but on nail it doesn't look as such. I applied 3 coats and each coat took 60 seconds curing time in a LED lamp. 

305 Pearly Nude is a beautiful nude shade with a sparkling silver shimmer. I absolutely love how this color looks different on different skin tones. On me it looked pinkish nude and very elegant. Two coats for the following swatches. 

306 Blissed Mauve is, as the name suggests a mauve shade. Again i used two coats for swatches.

307 Maroon Purple is a red tone purple shade. This shade is such a classy color perfect for autumn and winter. 

Last but certainly not least is 308 Dramatic Red is hollywood glam in a bottle. It is a wine red shade packed with bright red shimmer. 

I hope you like the swatches. You can buy the Boudoir Charm collection here. You can also follow Pink Gellac and Crazy Polishes on Instagram to get latest news and swatches. 

Have a nice day.