Wednesday 15 March 2023

Quick and Easy Water Decal Manicure


Today i am sharing a water decal manicure. I have few water decals and i thought it been a long time since i did played with water decals. I find they are so easy and fun to work with. These decals are from Nicole Diary. I think they sent these back in 2016 and i did review them. In the post i said that i faced problem in removing the clear film from the decals but that maybe just the issue with that decal because this time i didn't face any such issue even after almost 6 years.

so lets have a look:

How to use these full nail water stickers: 
1. Cut the stickers according to the size of your nail bed.
2. In a bowl take warm water. 
3. Remove clear film from the top of the sticker.
4. dip the sticker into the bowl and leave it for 20-30 seconds.
5. Gently pick the sticker with the help of a tweezer and place it on your nail. (prep nail before placing the sticker, apply base coat and base color and  dry it completely). 
6. with a clean cloth gently press the sticker. 
7. Apply top coat and cleanup.

products used:

El corazon 423/622 Long Island
Nicole Diary water nail stickers 04
Kbshimmer clearly on top quick dry top coat.

So, thats it for today's post. How do you feel about full nail size water decals, have you tried them? Please leave your answer in the comment box below or you can share your manis with me on my instagram

have a good day.