Wednesday 13 November 2013

New Release- Moyou London Explorer Collection


Moyou London isn't stopping with launching breathtakingly amazing collections. 

The Explorer Collection 

Meet Nora: she likes to explore stuff
Christopher Columbus suggested that riches don't make a man richer, they just make him more busy.. 
That's why Nora likes to explore new cultures rather then running for mayor:) 

This collection has six plates for now and there will be more additions to this collection in fututre. This plates are for "pre-sale" for now(expected shipping time is first week of December) and will be available to purchase from this Friday 15th.  In addition all the XL plates(1.5cm x2.0cm) will be soon available in regular size(1.2cm x 1.5cm). 

These plates are dedicted to  Mel  and Lisa from the AiS group. They came up  with brilliant idea.

Lets have a look:

moyou explorer collection

So which are your picks from this collection ur you like all of them ??

As I said this collection will be available on Moyou Website from  Friday, 15th.