Wednesday 26 March 2014

F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic Top Coat


How's this week going for all of you. I was not feeling well from past two days and that's why couldn't post a manicure on Monday but I am better now. Today I am showing you all F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic top coat. I bought this in February but since i wasn't here so  i couldn't swatch it earlier. 

"This SpectraFlair top coat is a pre-mixed nail polish made from the extremely fine grade SpectraFlair 35. F.U.N Lacquer SpectraFlair top coat is particularly stunning when used it over other colors. It can be layered over any color to give it a stunning rainbow holographic effect. The small particle size of this pigment will produce a very smooth and linear holographic finish over your beautiful nails."
F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic top coat
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I layered one coat on this top coat over China Glaze hanging in balance. It do alter the color a bit but not very much. Upon layering it gives a linear holo effect to base polish which looks lovely. The pictures aren't doing justification to this top coat. Both the base color and holo effect looks much more brighter and stronger in person. My camera was just not ready to capture it. Formula is nice neither too thick nor thin. Application is smooth too, it doesnt  leave any bald spots like some holographic polishes and gives a nice coverage in just one coat. I  didnt apply any other top coat over it. 

direct light
F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic Top Coat
daylight(not sunlight)
Even in natural light this gives very nice holo effect unlike few holographic polishes where you can see the effect only when sunlight or artificial light hit the nails. 

You can also wear this top coat without any base color and its looks lovely on its own. I applied two coats of holo top coat on my nails for following picture(no other top coat, in artificial light).
F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic top coat

To check how it looks with various light, dark and neon shades I layered it over couple of different base colors(one coat on each color)
F.U.N Lacquer Diamond Holographic top coat over different polishes swatch
I did stamp my base with one of my favorite stamping image from Cheeky CH 52.
cheeky ch 52
Overall, I just loved this holo top coat. The effect is strong and smooth application makes it very desirable. I haven't try any other top coat and I think now I dont have to either because this is just what i wanted. If you are looking for a holographic top coat this is it.

You can buy this holographic top coat from F.U.N Lacquer store or from Rainbow Connection(within UK). You can also follow them on Facebook for latest news and announcements.


**product purchased by myself.