Monday 17 March 2014

Happy Holi and Happy St. Patricks Day

Hello Everyone, 

I have been MIA for a while but now I am back and resumed my work from today. Today we are celebrating Holi (which is also  known as festival of  colors) and St. Patricks Day. I couldn't get a chance to do a manicure for St. Patrick's Day but I did a colorful nail art for Holi.

For this mani I used watercolors to show different colors of the festival. and stamped accent nail with Winstonia W-02 stamping plate. 
colorful manicure
winstonia w-02
Happy Holi
water color manicure
holi nail art
 I hope you all like this manicure. 

Happy Holi!!!




  1. Wow that looks very nice!!!!

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  3. Wow! Perhaps the only holi manicure I found on the net! :) really pretty!
    Wat technique did you used for this water color effect? will you please be kind to share a tutorial?