Thursday 23 August 2018

#back2nails Challenge- Gradient


Its been a while since i posted something here. I posted a couple of nail-arts at my instagram but was not motivated enough to write a blogpost. Anyway, i feel like sharing this manicure so here it is. I joined a nail art challenge from Indian Lacquer Lovers, this challenge has simple basic and classic themes. So, the theme for this week was Gradients and here's the manicure i did:
gradient nail art
products used:
base: nyc peel of base and sally hansen white on 
gradient: china glaze Dj blue my mind and treble maker (from electro pop collection)
stamping colors: barry m blue plum and maybelline bold gold 
stamping plates: moyou london arabesque collection 08 and fab ur nails fun 15(accent nai) 
glisten & glow hk girl top coat
moyou lond arabesque collection
and yes i broke my thumb nail.

neon gradient nail art
Hope you like this manicure. Please leave a comment. 

have a great day.


1 comment:

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