Monday 27 August 2018

Multi-chrome Watermarble Nails feat. Moyra Foil Stamping Polish


Chrome powders are all over the nail world from more than an year now and i dont think the trend gonna go away anytime soon because the effect is just so pretty. Moyra released "foil stamping" polishes sometime back. I bought black and white foil stamping polishes. 

These polishes look like regular stamping polishes but the trick is you stamp with them as normal and immediately apply nail foil or any effect powder on the stamped design while its still wet. If you are applying a powder then brush off the access that leaves the powder only over the stamped design. Please leave a comment if you wanna know more about it. Here's my manicure:
moyra foil stamping polish 
products used:
base - essene mega last base coat and indian summer (base color)
stamping plate - pueen marble paradise 01
stamping polish - moyra foil stamping polish black
indigo nails metal manix chameleon powder "alien"
top coats - essence metal shock sealing top coat(first top coat after applying the powder so that it doesn't crack)
glisten & glow hk girl top coat
multichrome watermarble nail art
indigo nails metal manix chameleon effect "alien"
multichrome powder nail art
watermarble nails
essence nail polish
i still have this nail art on my nails. It is so reflective and shiny in real and i love how it came out. Hope you like this manicure too. 

Have a nice day.