Tuesday 21 August 2012

NOTD: Fish Eggs Nails

Fish Eggs Nails or Micro-bead Nails or "Caviar Nails" are not a new manicure all we know but some how i was not totally fall for it when i first saw it , i thought it must be very irritating and the whole time i would think am having some balls on my nails and they would fall out here and there may be while m cooking something or so that kept me away to try this mani.. but when i did it , it was just opposite of wht i expected .. quite easy to apply and i definitely didnt eat beads in my meals :P

This nail trend faced lots of drama as the UK polish maker Ciate mailed various bloggers demanding they stop using the term "Caviar" nail art, which they are in the process of trying to trademark as their own( you can see tht here).They didn't come up with the whole "Caviar" nail art idea to begin as this was done like an year ago by the nail technician Pattie Yankee and the Dashing Diva nail team at the Cushnie et Ochs fashion show. So basically stealing some one else's idea and then trademarking it for urself isnt cool...

anyway i got set of 12 mini beads from ebay for just £2.25... isnt tht dirt cheap..here's the look :
Base: Inglot 955
silver and blue mixed beads
SV top coat

oh the last pic is very well inspired by Kejal's photography.. i luv how she clicks her pics.. simply awesome

i have been wearing it almost from 2 days.. there is a little fall out around the sides of nails but still its looking pretty.

so  gals wht say Yay or Nay !!!