Tuesday 7 August 2012

Tutorial & NOTD: New Nail Trend- Velvet finish Nails Look

Happy Friendship Day to u all (belated)...  i am so grateful to blogging cause i come to knw so many nice ppl and learn really a lot.. this friendship day was even more special as we blog friends did a secret friend gifts exchange thing.. :)... 

coming to the today's post the other day i was surfing internet and come to know about this Velvet finish nail look and i just get clean bowled.. it looked so so catchy tht i want it on my nails right thn... here's what i did:

Velvet finish manicure or flock manicure is a new trend in Manicure World... and the hero of this manicure is a flocking powder which is a  made up of masse of tiny fibers and gives a super velvety finish. i got my set from ebay.

Here's how to do it: 
1.Apply base coat and then 2 coats of base polish(Barry M Strawberry Ice cream which is closest match to my pink flocking powder)
2. when the base color dries completely apply clear top coat on ur one nail and either dip ur nail in flocking powder or pour some flocking powder over it.
3. press gently with ur finger tip in tap-tap motion and dust off the excess powder on a paper.
4. repeat step 2 and 3 for each of ur nail one at a time.
Ta-dahh and its done..
 doesnt it looks like yummy candy floss :) 
and boy it was super soft and velvety on touch .. i just keep touching it every now and then..

its waterproof and the powder doesn't fall out.. i did dishes like 2-3 times.. cooked food.. and hell lots of other work as i just shifted to new room

it stayed only for a day on me because i was doing hell lot of physical work but i think it can stay pretty descent for 2-3 days and no doubts it amazing for fun outings and any special occasions.

so gals what u say .. is it a Yay or Nay !!!!



  1. I really like this trend!!! Looks so yummy!!

    1. exactly... i so keep touching thm whole day .. nd whenever i saw thm i was like i need a cotton candy right now :)

  2. Interesting it is! I like the color you chose for this :)

    1. yup... this comes in so many vibrant colors .. i gt confused which one to do first .. so i chose all galz favorite pink first.. :)

  3. thisis so beautiful...love it..:)

    1. thnx Puja .. somehow i cant see my intensedebate comments :(

  4. Beautiful...totally looks like candyfloss !!!

  5. looks so beautiful!!


  6. It is so cute :)
    And I never loved the colour pink so much before.It looked great on ur nails :)

    And Im already ur follower :)


    1. oh m so glad u like it ... thnx for following.. welcome to crazyplishes :)

  7. wow that a totally new concept Dimpal
    good one

    ur nails remind me of cotton candy

  8. Could you maybe spray it with hairspray afterwards so it's say on for longer? Or would it ruin it?

  9. this looks awesome Dimpal!

  10. Your posts are great. I hope that more and more people will start reading your blog.