Friday 21 June 2013

Next on Crazy Polishes


Happy Friday!!! I am back from Prague and feeling so fresh and rejuvenated. Prague is a beautiful city and i loved it there. I got a chance to grab few Essence and Catrice polishes from there. When i saw those polish counters i was like i am heaven cause these polishes are not available in uk except from Sally Magpies.. Although i wanted to grab many of them but i couldn't due to luggage restriction :(..  Here's what i bought from there: 
they had only 2 essence stamping plates, i liked only one of them and i bought a set of finger rings also.. Catrice white is an amazing white with a gold/copper shin which is not visible here but its very pretty.. oh and i also got sally hansen white-on .. Sally hansen counter didnt has anything intresting :(

I bought these polishes from Tesco there... Prague Duty Free was really small and didnt have any of this stuff. You will be seeing these polishes in future posts here.

Before going to Prague i bought some polishes here in London including sinful colors and kiko sugar matte: 

Also i got few pr samples to review.. i will be posting them next week .. lemme know if anything you want to see first.. 

I bought my first Emily de Molly from Sally Magpies and i am hoping to get them soon.

So,  thats what you gonna see here soon, stay tuned and thank you all for your support and appreciation on my Youtube Channel.. 

Its last week to enter in huge British Bloggers Giveaway, so do enter if you havn't on the picture below:

Happy Weekend!!!



  1. Wow, you got some awesome colours. Love the born pretty holo polishes.

  2. Wow...I am drooling...hehe..:p

  3. Great selection!! Sounds like a nice trip :)