Saturday 29 June 2013

Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Collection: Pink Cloud, Fire Spring and Tiny Ruby


This post i meant to write two days ago but i was not feeling well so couldn't write it but I am felling better now.  Last week I posted a press release about Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X collection(here), Today i have 3 polishes from this collection to show you. 

These collection has total of 10 polishes and divided in two parts. Part I has 5 gelly based glitter polishes which can be applied  on their own or can be layered over another base color. Part II has 3 cremes with shimer hints and 2 glitter toppers. I have been sent 3 polishes from part I.

Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X collection
To see detailed swatches click on "Read More" button below:
Pink Cloud is described as  "is a hot pink jelly with holographic glitters and iridescent shimmer - perfect to meditate on and Carrot Key not needed!

It has a mix of light and dark  pink glitter in various sizes alongwith holographic glitters suspended in a pink gelly base. It took 2 coats to be complete opaque. Formula was ok neither too thin nor too thick. This looks more pink-ish than these pictures.. third picture is closest match. 2 cots of Pink Cloud with a single coat of Seche for following pics.
Rainbow Honey Pink Cloud: artificial light
Rainbow Honey Pink Cloud: artificial light

Rainbow Honey Pink Cloud: natural light

Fire Spring is described as "This coppery orange shimmer is bursting with holographic glitters and the glowing embers of the last sanctuary". This is my second favorite among these three polishes. Its pretty opaque and i really like orange base. It has orange hex glitters of many sizes alongwith copper hex glitters. Formula was nice, easy to glide-on. 2 coats of it and a single coat of seche. 
Rainbow Honey Fire Spring in artificial light
Rainbow Honey Fire Spring in natural light

Lastly Tiny Ruby, my  favorite among these three is described as " a shimmering ruby jelly, is filled with holographic glitters, glistening flecks, and the rarest jewels of Dalaam.

Formula was little thicker but i find it workable. 2 coats for following  pictures with 1  coat of seche: 
Rainbow Honey Tiny Ruby: artificial light
Rainbow Honey Tiny Ruby : artificial light
Rainbow Honey Tiny Ruby in artificial light

Rainbow Honey Tiny Ruby: direct sunlight
The Summer of 199X Collection will be officially released on 21st June and it will be available at Rainbow Honey's website and participating retail partners around the globe as:
  • Complete full-size (15ml, $90) or mini-size (4ml, $40) collection
  • Part I or Part II, full-size (15ml, $45ea) or mini-size (4ml, $20ea) sets
  • and full-size bottles (15ml, $10ea)  
Rainbow Honey will also be offering FREE Shipping and a FREE Limited Edition Lacquer on all orders of $50 or more (US & Canada only) 

So which one you liked from above three. My fav is Tiny Ruby and Fire Spring. 


**product sent to me for review, however i am honest in my opinion.