Wednesday 12 June 2013

Video Tutorial: How to do a Stamping Decal Manicure


Today i am so so excited to tell you all that I did my first video tutorial ever. I got so many request here and on facebook for doing a tutorial for stamping decal method which i used in my Disney Princesses Manicure and Winnie The Pooh Manicure.  I initially thought to do a regular picture tutorial but then i thought video tutorials are always better than picture tutorials as video helps everybody to understand it better.

First have a look on what i created: 
Comic Art Stamping Decal Tutorial
Base: OPI alpine snow
Stamping Plate: CH48

First of all its very funny to hear your own voice.  I was so nervous and i did a lot of mistakes. This is my first video so i tried to be as much explanatory as i could at that point if time but now when i see it i know that it could be better.  

So here's the video. Please comment,  rate and subscribe to me on youtube and show your love as you always do... thank you so much you all for encouraging me to try new things <3<3

I would really love to know your response and sugesstions..



  1. Oh Dimpal you are just so cute :D yes I call people's voices cute :p I loved the way you fumbled at the beginning lol. It takes a good amount of courage to do video tutorials with your own voice...way to go girl...hoping to see some more videos :)

    1. Hi dhara.. thnk u sweetie... i wasn't sure that i will upload it til yesterday but than i thought lets try once .. I hope i do some more :)

  2. lovely tut......... wanna kno that wht else can be used other than sandwich paper????

    1. thnk u dear... you can use anything plastic kinda material from which it willbe easy to peel the base... like transparent packing bags or even polythene..:)

  3. Awesome video tutorial. I understand it takes a lot of courage :D
    I haven't done any for that reason. LOL! I would love to watch more! :)

    JC :)

    1. thank you .. yeah it surely do... all that nervousness what if it doesnt come ot right or i make a mistake during a video thnk god it came out right :)

  4. Brilliant tutorial Dimpal :) xx