Wednesday 11 September 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Holographic Thermal Polishes: Fuchsia Illusion and Margaritaville


Today I have exciting polishes from Liquid Sky Lacquer. Liquid Sky Lacquer is an indie brand and the expert behind the brand is Carolyn. She is a great girl and an expert in what she creates, let it be her gorgeous holographic polish, magical thermal polishes and in trend textured polishes.

So I have some of  Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes with me and since it's not possible for me to show them all in one post so i an gonna show them in parts. Today, I have two polishes from her thermal collection. Actually these are Holographic Thermal polishes.

Liquid Sky Lacquer Thermal nail polish review
Fuchsia Illusion is a purple holographic polish which when get warn changes to beautiful pink holographic polish. Formula is very nice either thick nor thin and need 2 coats to build up color completely. 
Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion: original shade

Add captionLiquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion : color change after dipped in warn water
Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion thermal color shift
Liquid Sky Lacquer Fuchsia Illusion
Margaritaville is a darker Lime green color which shifts to light green shad when get warm. Formula is same as Fuchsia Illusion although i used 3 thin coats of this. Unfortunately my camera refuses to pick up the shade. It is little brighter than it looks in following pictures.
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville: original color
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville: after dipped in warm water
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville: nail tips getting back to normal color

The color shift is strong in Fuchsia Illusion but Margaritaville didn't disappoint me either. I never used thermal polishes before so i dont know about them but these two polishes really works like a magic. Here is a quick transformation video of these two. 

In the video, I put my hand in a bowl filled with warm tap water.

You can buy Liquid Sky Lacquer directly from the bigcartel store and can check Facebook page to see  latest collections,announcements and promotions. 

UK ladies here is a great news for you. Liquid Sky Lacquer will soon be available at an upcoming Indie stockist in UK. Rainbow Connection is opening very soon(thord week of September) and you can check following links to stay in touch and to  know launch date of the store. 

Did you try thermal polishes??

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** sent to me for review,however i am honest in my opinion.