Sunday 13 October 2013

AiS Weekly Challenge- Stamping over Black Base


Surprised... I generally avoid posting on weekends specially on Sunday because i know i wont be able to reply back or able to share them on social media but today's mani came out so beautiful that i couldnt stop myself from sharing it here.  I try to do AiS weekly challenge on Sunday but most of the time i forget about it. Few time i did the challenge and posted it here on Mondays. But this Monday i will be sharing 33 days challenge manicure so i thought to post it on Sunday. 

So today's theme on AiS in stamping over a black base. If you are into stamping than you may know that earlier there were very limited color choices when it comes to stamping over black but thankfully these new foil polishes and amazing stockists like Myonline Shop who made stamping over black/dark bases so easy and amazing for us. Here is my manicure: 
ais challenge- stamping over balck
Base: inful colors black on black
stamping polish: nyc foil enchanting fire(pointer and ring finger) and Aqua Mystic(middle, pinkie and thumb)

moyou sailor collection 05
nyc foil enchanting fire
nyc foil aqua mystic
stamping over black base
I dont know whether it is black or stamping over black after a long time made me fall in love this manicure. I just love love this mani. I am wearing it right now and dont wanna take it off. 

I hope you will like it too. 

Please share which polishes works for you for stamping over black or darker base.