Thursday 24 October 2013

Press Release- New plates from Moyou London "The Biker Collection"


Once again Moyou is set to emptying your bank accounts and make you all go "aww". 

Moyou is releasing a new collection "The Biker Collection" tomorrow 25th Oct 2013. This collection has 8 plates which are mix of full plate image(like suki 01), XL images and the regular full nail  images. 

This collection is special because it is dedicated to Sarah (aka Spellbinding Nails) who gave the inspiration for this collection. 

All the plates costs £4.99 and available  for  pre-sale but the good  news is these plates will be available in first week of  November so no long wait.

Let' have a look:

How awesome is that. I love all the plates specially 2, 5, and 6. 

Which one you like??

You can buy this collection at Moyou Website from  tomorrow i.e. Friday 25th October.