Wednesday 29 October 2014

Halloween Series: Gothic Damask Pattern Nail Art!!


Buying new polishes is the most exciting thing to do for nail polish addicts. We sleep late in night, waiting for new restocks, wait for mailman like crazy and nothing in the world gives us as much happiness as getting a nail mail. We buy and buy and sometime when we casually go through nail storage, we find hidden untried polish gems.  Well, that is what happened with me yesterday. I was looking for my clean up brush and i went through my a-england polishes row to see if the brush fall down there somehow. I couldnt find thr brush there but A-England Jane Eyre caught my eye and i remembered that i loved this polish and was so excited to get it but never tried it.  So, that's how i chose the base for today's manicure. 
a-england jane eyre

Jane Eyre is released in A-England Gothic Beauties collection back in 2012. I cant believe i never tried it. It has deep red/copper shimmer in a black base. It looks gorgeous in the bottle however the shimmer isn't very visible on nails until it hit light. Its very opaque and requires only two thin coats. It not very super shiny so definitely require top coat. Below picture is taken in direct light: 
a-england jane eyre
Beautiful, isn't it. It is so dark and yet with shimmer hints, so i decided to do a gothic damask pattern manicure with it. I used a damask image from moyou fashionista 07 image plate and stamped with maybelline bold gold polish. Finally applied a matte top coat. 
gothic nail art
moyou fashionista 07 stamping plate
damask pattern nail art
gothic nail art
Its not very halloween-y manicure per say but it definitely is suitable if someone gonna dress-up gothic style for halloween parties. 

Hope you like this mani. Do you have hidden untried gems in your stash ??