Thursday 23 October 2014

Happy Diwali !!!


Today is Diwali, a very auspicious and most celebrated Indian festival. Diwali is also called "festival of lights" and is celebrated for victory of light over darkness, good over evil.  We also worship goddess lakshmi on this day and light up oil lamps to welcome goddess. Fireworks are also important part of the Diwali.  I remember the whole neighborhood gather outside their houses and burst firecrackers for hours. It was so much fun, this was the second best part which i use to love as kid, best part was getting gifts. Anyway, what i want to say is that, I love Diwali and miss celebrating it with family in India.  

Here, I am sharing my Diwali nail art , featuring some of the aspects of Diwali. 
indian festival nail art- Diwali

Diwali inspired nail art
so, here what i have on my nails: 
thumb: Sri Yantra(it represents the goddess)
index: oil lamps, which are lit up in every household in the evening.
middle: rangoli(which are created either with colors or flowers to welcome goddess).
ring finger: fireworks
pinky: pagliya(foot prints of goddess). 

diwali nail art
products used: 
polishes: red(china glaze just be claws), yellow(essence little miss sunrise), china glaze luxe n lush(on pinky), opi my boyfriend scales wall and sheer tints(middle finger). 
stamping plates: thumb(moyou tourist 20)
index(mj xv)
middle(moyou fashionista 11)
ring(handy n5)
pinky(sa 02)
stamping polishes: red, brown(mdu), yellow(handy), black(konad), golden(color show bold gold), el corazon prizma polishes for other fireworks. 
indian nail art
indian festive nail art
well, that certainly a long product used list but i totally loved doing this manicure.  Do you like this manicure?

Happy Diwali to you and your family.