Wednesday 15 October 2014

1960's Inspired Nail Art


Today's manicure is 1960's inspired nail art which is my challenge nail art for this week's pick n mix challenge. Two prompts for this week are 60's inspired and matte/texture. I have moyou back to 60's 01 stamping plate, so i decided to attempt that prompt. 
inspired by 1960s nail art
 It took me a while to figure out exactly what i want to do on my nails even though I had a stamping plate for it. I knew about "flower power" because i did a manicure for this laqst year(check here) but i wanted to include few more 60's elements to this mani. 

I come to know that, bold colors and psychedelic prints were famous in this decade, so i went with the bold colorful look for the nail art. I also come to know that "smiley" is invented in 1963, so one of my nail have to have that. 
1960's inspired nail art
products used:
polishes: opi my boyfriend scales wall(base for all fingers except mddle finger)
opi candlelight(middle finger, in chevrons and sponged on pinky finger)
other polishes used - models own hypergel cerise shine, purple glare, sally hansen pacific blue
stamping plates: moyou back to 60's 01(text on index and ring finger)
moyou pro 08(flowers on index)
moyou pro xl 20(psychedelic print on pinky)
smiley faces from BM 304. This was my untried plate, can you believe, i have it from so long.
stamping polishes: konad sp black and mdu purple, red, pink and yellow

well that's a long list :)

colorful chevron nail art
flower power nail art
This manicure came out so colorful and cheerful. I really like this manicure and hope you do to. 

I really want to know what you think about this nail art. 

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