Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chrome Nails- Ostar Nails Mirror Snow powder kit Review


Chrome nails are on the rage these days and i cant have enough of them. Though i haven't posted much about them here but i am continuously testing different brand mirror powders and today's post is featuring my favorite mirror powders in my collection.

Ostar Nails is a Taiwan based company. They released variety of powders like holographic powders, multi chrome mirror powders, gold, silver mirror powders. I have reviewed both of their holographic powders previously(check HERE), today's post showing three of their chrome mirror powders which also come as a set "Mirror Snow Powder Kit". 
ostar nails snow mirror powder kit review

Friday, 23 September 2016

Ejiubas "Holiday Series" Stamping Plate Collection - Review


Falls has officially started and temperature is going down. With fall, comes holidays and lots of pretty holiday inspired nail arts. So, today's post is featuring my first holiday manicure this year and review of this beautiful "Holiday Series" stamping plate set from Ejiubas.

This Holiday set has 2 stamping plates one is Halloween themed(EJB-04) and another is Christmas theme(EJB-03) based. Like other Ejiubas stamping plates, both of these plates are etched on both side of the plates.
Ejiubas stamping image plates

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Review and Swatches: Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival Kit(Holographic Powders)


Mirror powders and Holographic powders are so in boom these days. Every nail brand and suppliers are releasing new powder products every day. If you dont know, what i am talking about here, Mirror powders are a powder product which when applied on a gel polish base, gives a reflective chrome finish. Mirror powders avaibke currently are meant to work with gel polish only but many bloggers and testers found a way to make them work with regular polish though from the results i have seen, the powder works best with gel products only. Holographic powder, as the name suggests gives a holo finish. Today's post showing two different kind of holographic powders from the company calles Ostar Nails.
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Silver holographic powder
Ostar Nails Rainbow Carnival- Transparent holographic powder

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Stamping with a Magnetic Polish- Vintage Floral Nail Art


Today's post is featuring some of new items in my nail polish stash. I recently got couple of stamping plates from Yours Cosmetics. The company is based in Netherlands and has a vast collection of stamping plates and supplies. 

Another special thing in today's manicure is that i stamped my nails with a magnetic polish from Masura. Apparently, msura magnetic polishes are opaque enough to work as a stamping polish too.
masura magnetic polish stamp

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pueen Theme Park Marble Paradise 01 Stamping Plate- Swatches and Review


Pueen recently released Theme Park Collection. This collection has 4 plates right now and these are rectangular plates have mostle full nail images. The plates are based of different themes and name of the plates are Marble Paradise 01, Visual Wonderland 01, Secret Garden 01 and Animal Safari 01. 

Today i have swatches and nail art i created with Marble Paradise 01. 

Pueen theme park marble paradise 01 stamping plate review and swatch

Monday, 22 August 2016

Reverse Stamping: Moyou London Pro XL 24 Stamping Plate


Today, I am sharing one of my favorite manicure i did this year. I recently got Moyou London Pro XL 24 stamping plate and i knew what manicure i wanted to do with it first. 

moyou london pro xl 24 stamping plate

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Review: Moyou London Crystal Clear Stamp & Scraper Set


This goes without saying that i love Moyou London brand. I love their stamping plates, their stamping polishes works awesome. I have tried their previous stampers sets. So i felt so happy when i got a chance to review new Crystal Clear Stamp and Scraper set

This set released few months back. The stamper has a clear see through stamper head in a matte white holder, which comes with a detachable base and a cap. There is also a scraper in the set and both stamp and scraper come in a beautiful box.
moyou london crystal clear stamper & scraper review