Friday 11 January 2013

NOTD: Fish Scale Manicure using Gals Princess Set


How you all doing..  Howz you all keeping up with ur new year resolutions.. me actually forgot to make a resolution so i decided not to forget about resolution on next year :D 

Today, I have another beautiful holo from Color Club. Halo-graphic is nice light pink toned holographic polish.
with flash... no sunlight these days :( 

Here are another pics in natural indoor light:

Absolutely gorgeous .. isnt it.. i like this polish even in natural lights .. pretty pink shade of polish.. 
 Color Club holos are very nice in application, 2 coats opaque without any bald patches :).. Holographic effect is very nice and staying power is none to complain about..  

I got my gals princess and fairy set late december but cldnt get time to use them, so i decided to stamp my nails with fish scale design. 
 stamping plates: GA14 Gals princess set
stamping polish: moyou black
topped with a descent coat of seche

Gals plates as you may know are low cost plates from Cheeky's sister brand Gal Cosmetics.. I posted about these plates here.
 Full nail image sizes on this set is smaller than cheeky's and may be an issue for really long nails but for me works just fine on this length. I would love if the sizes will little bigger.Stamping however is no problem .. image quality is as good as cheeky's.

I messed up on the base of my nails as the image size is smaller than what i am used to .. but will keep in mind in future.. 

I also got bundle monster's image plate organizer which is really cool.. i will post pic of  it on FB soon. 

This is all i have to show you for today. 

Hope you girls like it .. please do comment.. thnx :)