Tuesday 22 January 2013

Snowfall Manicure

Hello Chics, 
How you all doing. Last weekend we experienced very nice snow fall here in London.
I know some of you doesn't like it because as beautiful as it looks from inside the house, its much more inconvenient if you have to go out for work. I come from a place where we never have snowfall, so for me its always amusing to experience it. 

Enough rant, the point is I decided to do a snowfall manicure inspired by current weather conditions here in UK. I have added some random pics which we clicked outside.  Here's what i created:
base: Barry M blueberry ice cream
stamping polish: moyou white
stamping plates: Gals GA33(index), Dashica XL SDP 69(middle), Nailways snowwhite weather plate(ring), HD05(pinkie).

how do u like d manicure?? Here are some random clicks of outside:

 my snow family
isn't he cute.. look like snow bird rather than snowman :D

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please do comment.  

Stay Safe.



  1. I really like this snow mani :)
    In denmark we also have snow right now.
    Beautiful to look at, but a bit annoying at the same time....

    1. yeh i know wht u mean... its really annoying if it falls for 3-4 days regularly... bt thnx for liking the mani :)

  2. wow, perfection!!

    1. thnk u .. i like the concept of Review ka Preview (y)

  3. :-D Very cute and beautiful mani! And I love your snowman family!!!

  4. I just love your snowfall mani and your snowbird : ))