Tuesday 12 February 2013

FFF 28 Days Challenge- Day 12 Drips/Matte


I am now all fit an fine with just a little cough, but i can do my nails now. 

Today's theme is drips or matte.. intially i was planning a matte-nd drips but i thought it will look like the sugar spun mani i did earlier. So, i go with regular drip nails. I saw mani beautiful drip nails around but never did one. This is how my first drip nails look likes:

 please excuse the lousy shots... it was almost dark outside by the time i completed the manicure.

product used: Gosh Early Green and Barry M Bright Pink.

Not very much happy with the results but i was in no mood of re-do.

Hope it is ok.

If you follow me on Facebook than you may know by now that giveaway will be announced on 14th Feb and there will be three winners.  Stay tuned on facebook page to see a sneak peak of prizes.