Saturday 9 February 2013

FFF 28 Days Challenge- Day 9 Abstract/Plastic Wrap

Hello Chics, 

My internet still isnt working i soe how manage to connect my pc with wi-fi  hotspot and able to browse internet and write my posts with limited bandwidth available.

Today's theme is Abstract/Plastic wrap.. i decided to do abstract nails as when searching for inspirations for both theme i come a cross this beautiful abstract art and i couldn't resist myself  to try once.

Here's is my mani .. although i couldnt create all the aspects of above art but i guess i get the theme here.. 

after i was dont with shots i realize i should have usr more blue and  purple :(

 i applied a nude shade as a base and everything else is just acrylics.
I tried to show those brush strokes with flat brush but couldn't really able to show.

This manicure look very very beautiful in-person even hubs loved it. 
Let meknow whether you like it or  not. 

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