Tuesday 30 September 2014

Celebrating India's MARS Orbiter Mission "Mangalyaan"


I mentioned in my previous post about India's Mars Orbiter Mission "Mangalyaan". The spacecraft(called Mangalyaan) successfully inserted into MARS orbit on 24th September 2014. 

ISRO(India Space Research Organization) is fourth space agency in the world to do so. Also, India is first nation in the world to achieve this in first attempt and first Asian nation to do this. Not only that, It is the cheapest MARS orbiter programme till now and costed less than movie Gravity, incredible right. I did a nail art to celebrate this achievement of ISRO. Inspiration for this nail art is an image i found on internet. 
celebrating ISRO mars orbiter mission mangalyaan nail art
I used Picture Polish Aurora(over black base) and acrylic paint to do Indian flag and mars surface.
picture polish aurora
india on mars inspired nail art
I hope you like this manicure. 

Many Many congratulations to ISRO.

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