Wednesday 17 September 2014

Negative Space


Few days back I was reading New York Fashion Week nail trends and couple of nail arts caught my eye. One of them is on the theme of "negative space". I liked the idea, its pretty simple and easy to do yet the final out come is so beautiful. 

Here's my creation. 
negative space nails

products used: 

nailtek foundation II base coat
picture polish marine
scotch tape cut into thin triangle/spikes
hk girl quick dry top coat 
nyc matte top coat

picture polish marine
negative space nail art
fashion inspired nails
tape manicure
The toughest part of this nail art was cutting the scotch tape. It took most of  the time, as i wanted thin triangles. I applied quick dry top coat before applying matte top coat because i was not willing to take any chances of smudging/bleeding of nail polish on the bare nail part. 

I really like this manicure, its simple but looks so beautful. I hope you like this nail art. 

Thank you.