Monday 8 September 2014

El Corazon "Jelly Neon" Polishes as Sheer Tints


How was the weekend? Spring is started here in Australia and now we see sun more often. I am so loving it because it has been really long (ten months long)winters for me as I was in UK till april and moved to Australia in May which is kinda start of winters here. Anyway, I am happy that finally i can get rid of coats and jackets.  

Enough of rant, today I am sharing few nail arts which I did using El Corazon "jelly neon" collection(swatched here). When i reviewed those polishes, I said that these will work great as sheer tint polishes. I tried them and they didnt disappoint me. 
el corazon "jelly neon" polishes nail art
For the first mani, I stamped a flower image from Emily De Molly EDM05 plate with white stamping polish, over a black base. I let it dry and then colour it with all the "jelly neon" polishes using a thin brush.

colorful roses nail art
floral nail art
emily de molly edm 05 stamping plate
  For the second nail art, first I applied a coat of sally hansen white on and then created a colorful base of "jelly neon" polishes drawing random brush stokes on the base. By mistake I did a brush stroke of  El Corazon matte effect 147 on my thumb nail. 
sheer tint nail art
dry brush nail art
I stamped it with an image from pueen 02 stamping plate using black stamping polish.  
colorful geometric nail art
pueen 02 stamping plate
nail art
That's all for today. I hope you like these nail arts. Which one of these are your favourite?? 

Have a great week.