Wednesday 3 September 2014

El Corazon Active Bio-gel "Jelly Neon" Collection Swatches


Today I have another El Corazon collection to share. Jelly Neon collection released this year may or june .  Collection has seven polishes and as name suggests they are jelly finish neon polishes. 

These polishes are a better version of opi sheer tints in sense that these are not as sheer as them yet perfect for layering over other colors as well as can be wear on their own without any base colour. Formula of these polishes is very nice, not gloppy unlike sheer tints and smooth. 

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el corazon active bio-gel "jelly neon" collection swatches
First of all these polishes like other El Corazon polishes I shared earlier are numbered instead of names. The numbering is like No. 423/251 jelly neon to No. 423/257 jelly neon.  As I said, the formula is very nice of these polishes and these need three to four coats depends how thick or thin application of each coat is.  I used 3 coats for all the pictures. I didn't apply any top coat, maybe i should because in some pictures they are looking little matte.

No. 423/251 jelly neon is neon green jelly. It looks similar to the yellow one in first look but if you look carefully, you can easily see the difference.
el corazon 423/251 jelly neon
neon green 
 No. 423/252 jelly neon is azure blue shade. I maybe not consider it as neon but nonetheless, very pretty shade. 
el corazon 423/252 jelly neon
neon blue
No. 423/253 jelly neon is neon yellow polish. In pics this looks quite similar to 423/251 but you can notce the difference in person. 
el corazon 423/253 jelly neon
neon yellow
No. 423/254 jelly neon is neon red-ish orange polish. This is one of my favourite n this collection. 
el corazon 423/254 jelly neon
neon orange
No. 423/55 jelly neon is neon cerise pink shade. This one looks quite similar to the next one, f you look at the bottle but there is a small difference in both of the f you notice carefully.  
el corazon 423/255 jelly neon
next is No. 423/256 jelly neon is hot pink neon nail polish. 
el corazon 423/256 jelly neon
Last, No. 423/257 jelly neon is neon purple polish. This is again a very gorgeous shade. 
el corazon 423/257 jelly neon
neon purple
Have a look on all of them together. 
el corazon jelly neon collection

Overall, I like this collection because of their jelly finish. This would be grate for layering or for lead-light technique or creating different looks like we did with opi sheer tints. I will share a nail art tomorrow using these as tints. 

One thing to keep in mind though that these are not Gel effect polishes so don't expect them to be super shiny(as i did).

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