Monday 26 March 2012

Essie's Matte About You matte finisher

i am so excited while writing this post.. matte polishes are all over the web these dyaz.. and i really wanted to try some too so i started my search for matte colors and brands and i come across this fabulous matte finisher Matte About You by Essie. i took no time and ordered this one from 365gorgeous as it got such a nice reviews as compared to Orly's matte finisher. It costs me INR 546/-  but absolutely worth it. :) Here's the first look:
Application is very simple. Apply base coat thn 2 or 3 coats of desired polish finally apply matte about you in single thin coat. I first tried it with my creme based polishes:
(2 coats of each, and no top coat)
and after applying matte finisher, it looked like:
then wanted to try black, brown and grey also so
 (2 coats of each, no top coat)
i don't have a  cream grey so used this one 
after such fab results i went crazy :D :D and thought of trying some glitters also
(2 coats of polish, i coat of colored glitter polish, no top coat)
it dries very quickly.. i tried and tested this on my nails prior to this post to know chipping time and the life of matte effect. Typically it didnt chip for 4 days after that i took polish off with remover and at the beginning of third day the polish started look satin again( bt nt completely shiny ,a little shiny). for me I think that's ok because i generally lost interest in wht's-on-my-nail after a day itself. :D :D... and if the polish isn't getting chipped then u won't mind turning matte to satin.

It's a little pricey bt u won't mind if u cn get any matte color with this plus i really like wht it done to glitters.

hereby, I officially declare that i am in love with-->

hope u guyz like it .. hv u tried this or Orly's matte finisher.. plz share ur views :)