Tuesday 6 March 2012

Holi inspired NOTDs

Hello ppl,
first of all Very Happy Holi to u all of u :) ..i knw i am very irregular from last few days( i was just too lazy to try smthng on my nails)... ok so for making up for that i am here with two NOTD..yayyy.. i miss my childhood holi a lot when dad bought me trendy pitchkaris every holi and we all kids use to do all tht naughty things like throwing water balloons putting dry colors in hairs..and the best thing was after all tht mess mom try her tricks to remove all the color from my face ..:D :D

Here is the first NOTD(using dotting tool):

and here's the second NOTD(this one is using sponge):

the second one actually looking very beautiful thn the pictures..Hope you all like the NOTDs..
What's ur plans for Holi??



  1. DIMPAL I love it!!!!! the first one specially..... pleas eplease do a tute on it... it is WOW! :D so totally holi holi :)

    1. glad u like tht :* :* .. i smhw like the second one more... ll do a tute for sure.. :)

  2. Veryyy Colourful :D :D Happy Holi Dimpal

  3. tute! tute! tute!!!! i liked the phirst one the beshhttt!!