Friday 2 March 2012

I love Tulips :)

Hallo meisjes,
colorful tulips are first thing that comes to my mind when i say spring... and whenever i think of tulips i start missing Keukenhof garden,Netherlands..(yes yes "dekha ek khawab to yeh silsile" brand) :D.... i love tulips and lilies and can never forget those UK days when my hubby got me tulip bunches whole season.. so, today i decided to paint my nails with tulips... :) 
Here is what i used :
first applied base coat and then base color which is pure turquois by Barry M
after that using a dotting tool i draw white clouds 
draw colorful tulips (i suggest to make only 2 or 3 tulips as i did on my middle finger, it makes them look very neat)
finish it with a top coat and ur nails are ready for spring :))

Hope u all like these tulips :)
whts on ur nails this spring ??



  1. Very the nail art.......perfect way to welcum the spring...:)