Wednesday 28 March 2012

W7 Earthquake Silver- a Silver Crackle NOTD

when i was leaving UK, the only thing i was sad about was tht i will not be able to shop everything online in India, bt boy i cm here nd saw many eCommerce sites have started nd providing very good services. then a day came when i started reading beauty blogs( i felt so guilt .. y didnt i start it while i was there).. nd my life changed :D :D :D

nyway I recently got W7 Earthquake Silver which is a silver crackle from  Brandsfetish after reading about Anamika's haul from there . I wasnt sure about its quality bt it was so cheap there just INR 299/, so i thought to give it a try. Today i got it and i am quit impressed by its performance. See the pic:

Here's how it looks:
i was so surprised that nothing was mentioned about the color or the shade no..then i turn the bottle and saw a sticker on the cap , in which the shade name was mentioned
now i  was sure tht there is sm disaster when i opened it and applied it on my nail, all doubts clear.. the bristles are super soft and gentle and gives so nice strokes on the nails.
I really like this polish more than china glaze crackles. I actually applied this on the matte nails from matte about you post. Here is the pic with only base coats:
and after applying silver crackle:
i like the texture of cracks. 

Finally , what i like about this crackle:
1. cheaper thn other crackles
2.nice texture comes with a nice brush
3. gives an instant nail art effect.

What i don't' like:
the main problem with this is its availability. i was charged INR 50/- each for 2 different products came in same parcel and thts i found very weird. 

have u guyz tried silver crackle ??  and do you also got something from brandsfetish and charged for shipping separately for each product. plz share ur views... :)