Tuesday 9 October 2012

Halloween Challenge: Day 3- Zombies

Yayy!!!!! this is my 100th post... i never thought my 100th post willbe of zombies :D :D..  today's theme is actually a challenge for me to do. I searched a lot for inspiration bt cldnt find nything special. we don't have much stamping plates for zombies too... any manufacturer reading this, we want zombie plates.. 

anyway i did this freehand.. earlier i was not sure whether u gals will like it or not bt one cute frnd liked it so i decided to put it up.. 
base: i did a saran wrap mani using barry m white and models own grey day
free hand with acrylics
topped with poshe 
do u also like it??
 Also check wht other girls has created..

p.s. the giveaway is closed and i am currently reviewing all the entries, i will announce the winners asap.