Tuesday 23 October 2012

Halloween Challenge: Day 7- Pumpkins

Hi chickas, 
how you all doing... this post is really late today... today's theme in CNT challenge is pumpkins.
I got my HD plates just today and i luv the designs.. i will probably post them here or on Facebook soon. 

Here's my mani:
base:  gala of london 
stamping polishes: Moyou black and Konad pastel orange
stamping plate: HD 01 and HD 03
these plates are designed and selling by our fellow blogger Bunny Nails and u can buy these plates from HERE.

i am not very much pleased with the orange stamping polish as its looking very light.. i am still  searching for good stamping polishes over darker base.
i like the HD plates and this tree is my fav. I honestly didnt put more effort in this mani coz when i was doing this mani i got some good news from my bestie and i left the mani as it is and started chatting with her :)

hope tht u like this mani.
stay tuned for my next theme mani.. i have a new technique to share with you all.



  1. I love it! I have not had a chance to use the HD plates and I'm happy to see your manicure ♥

    1. these are lovely, i want to do more n more halloween manis now :)

  2. very neat and perfect.. each and every time i see ur post, i curse my nails for not growin up fast.. i just cant wait to re-create ur manicures. (and i would never be able to get it this perfect)

    1. aaww i hope they grow faster.. use a gud cuticle oil it helps inmaking them stronger and grow faster... nd thn plz shw me when u re-create any mani :)

  3. Very cute design and congratulations winning Puja's contest! I am very happy for you!

    1. thnx sweetie.... i have very hard luck to win anything .. this was a surprise :)