Friday 5 October 2012

Pink Friday- Breast Cancer Awareness Inspired Nails

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All Fridays in the month are Pink Fridays. That inspired me to do a nail art dedicated to cause.  

First some facts about Breast Cancer
-Breast cancer is currently the top cancer in women worldwide

-89% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive 5 years after their diagnosis, which is due to detection and treatment

-The most common breast cancer statistic you have probably heard is that “1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.” What it should really read is “If everyone lived beyond the age of 70, 1 in 8 of those women would get or have had breast cancer.”

-1% of breast cancer cases worldwide are male.

-Small breasts do not have a lower or higher chance of getting breast cancer. However, a high breast density can.

-Several studies have found that breastfeeding lowers your risk.

-Those with the “breast cancer gene” won’t always get breast cancer.

-Antiperspirants do not cause breast cancer.

-Getting a mammogram won’t cause breast cancer. In fact, it’s currently the best way to detect breast cancer, being 90% accurate.

The pink ribbon is associated with individual generosity, faith in scientific progress, and a "can-do" attitude.

And finally here is what i created:
 polishes used: Barry M strawberry icecream and barry m white
stamping polish: konad white and beauty uk lollipop
stamping plate: bm321, 324

please do comment. 

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  1. Awesome as always Dimpal :)

  2. thnkiess.. although i sucked all white stamps :(

  3. Such a co-incidence Dimpal...I have exactly the same mani on my nails rite now..the only difference is dat your nails r really long and I am rocking shorties rite n ow !!!

  4. Pretty!!!
    you are really very talented Dimpal!

  5. They are beautiful! I think the statistics are just terrifying, I'm sending lots of positive thoughts to all people affected x

  6. Pretty polish for a brilliant cause!

    Jazz x

  7. It's a great idea that the polishes' world wants tp unit to the cause :) I love this mani love, it's a way to show affected people your support

    My blog -> Marie loves heels