Wednesday 3 October 2012

New Barry M Jewel Glitter polish Swatches

Hi gals, 
today it is a really long post with lots of swatches. Recently Barry M launched Jewel Glitter nail paints.
This collection has 7 glitter nail paints. The polishes in collection are: 
Jewel Glitter np 349- Rose Quartz Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 350- Diamond Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 351- Yello Topaz Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 352- Pink Sapphire Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 353- Ruby Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 354- Amethyst Glitter
Jewel Glitter np 355- Gold Mine Glitter

i got 5 of them excepting diamond and gold topaz glitter. Here is a closeup of the glitters in the polish:
Rose Quartz Glitter has baby pink hex glitters with micro holo hex glitters in a clear base.Here i layered 1 coat of rose quartz over 2 coats of barry m black.

 next is Pink Sapphire Glitter this is my second favorite in the whole collection. It has pink and holographic large hex glitter, pink glitters and holo bars suspended in a clear base. Here i  layered 2 coats of pink sapphire over 2 coats of barry m black.
Ruby Glitter is my most favorite in the collection. It has macro black glitters, small black hex glitters and medium magenta hex glitters in clear base. This  is the one polish which i layered on many different colors bt i like it best on Models Own grey day and Barry M white matte. i layered 2 coats of ruby glitters over 2 coats of each polish.  the magenta color is more bright n shiny in-person as oppose to the pics.

 next is Amethyst Glitter this is one polish which gives me hard times in clicking pics. This is the one in collection which is not so smooth in application. It has gold, magenta, blue, black small round glitters with blue macro round glitters  in a clear base.
here i layered 2 coats of amethyst  over 2 coats of black.
this is loaded with glitters and even a single coat works pretty gud.

the last one i have is Gold Mine Glitter. It is the only shade i have from the collection which has a black jelly base. It  has small golden glitters suspended in a black jelly base.
I layered 2 coats over 2 coats of black.

2 coats of Ruby Glitters, Amethyst Glitters, Pink Sapphire glitters and Rose Quartz over 2 coats of white.

Overall i like all of them.
Barry M really setting the bar very high for all the other UK polish brands both in terms of quality and price. 
These glitters are just for £2.99 and available in Barry M online site, superdrug and boots.

so which one u liked most??