Monday 10 September 2012

Challenge: Day 10 - Gradient Nails

how you all doing today.. i had a fun weekend.. so all warmed up nd entering to week with full energy :)
so today's theme is Gradient nails.. i thought it wont be much  fight to do these nails as gradients all the easiest to do(ok i thought so :P )... but when i did the  mani i messed not 1, 2 bt 3 times to get the perfect look.. first look wht i finally created:
polishes used :barry m lemon ice cream and berry ice cream
so this was the one who satisfied my inner nail artist ..
nd here are the disasters:
i used kleancolor pastel yellow,mango  and pastel yellow 
i didnt like it as the texture was not smooth and looked bubbly ..:( then i tried second time 
same polishes except i used orly hype instead of kleancolor mango bt i didnt like this too ...
then i again created one with stamped barry m foils nd i like tht gradient bt stamps was not relly going with it so dropped tht too...

Finally, i  created the right one :)
does same happens to u also when creating a look .. ??

oh nd dont forget to enter in my polishes, stamping plate and makeup GIVEAWAY here: 



  1. your first and second attempt was not bad either.. :D i loved them all... i am growing my nails after getting inspired by your mani's... :) (chopped them off during my exams as they were too distracting)

    1. wow.. i am so glad.. tht u like them both... i remem me 2 used to file them down in exams :D..