Sunday 30 September 2012

Challenge: Day 30- Inspired by a Tutorial

finally today is The 30th Day of the nail challenge by lovely Rachel @Polished Criminals. First of all thank you Rachel for such a wonderful challenge. It was my first month long challenge and i love the craziness of thinking each day for a new theme and writing posts everyday.. it was great fun and surely encouraged me to do more challenges in future..

coming to the final mani of the challenge , this was the hardest theme for me cause so many beautiful manis are there and i simply couldnt decide on one.. bt thn i came across this beautiful tutorial by Robin Moses Witch Nail Art and i got my new plates and was wanted to try them asap.. so i come up with these:
base: colorama black, 
created freehand moon and fall leaves with acrylic paints
stamping polish for witch: Moyou black
stamping polish: Dashica c3

hope u like this.
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