Saturday 8 September 2012

GIVEAWAY Time: Crazy Polishes 100 GFC Followers Giveaway ***closed***

I am so so so excited for this post.. Crazy Polishes finally crossed 100 gfc followers mark and I am so grateful to all of you lovely people who helped it to reach there..  it was a fun journey with mny ups and downs.. I came to know many gud people here, made  friends, share thoughts .. I thank u all guyz for introducing a whole new world to me..  

when i started the blog I cant explain how anxiously i keep checking my page in every few mins whole day just to check if i got a new follower.. and whenever i see a new follower i call my hubby in the office and tell him abt it .. I also wanna thank him for all his support n love and to bear with me when i am late night writing or when i ask him to sort some 5 out of  50 pics to upload in a post, when the bank statement's debit column was more painted thn the credit.. thnk u sweet  :)

I wanna thank all of u who gave me advice about improving blog... a big thank you to all of you followers for inspiring me to do some gud work.. Thank You !!!

Today is  alsoCrazy Polishes 7 month anniversary so i thought it would be perfect day to start the giveaway. So, its finally the time when i officially announce the prizes. There will be 3 Winners and the prizes are:

Prize 1
- Bundle Monster Stamping Plate 25 pc
   -  Kiko Nail Polish 260 (Metallic Pink Microglitters )
   - Gosh HoloGraphic Hero
  - Kiko Holographic Nail Polish  401 (Peacock Green)
  -  Kiko Nail Polish  230 (Sparkle T. Rainbow Glitters)
   - Kiko Nail Polish   255 (Violet Microglitters)
Prize 2 

    - MUA Pro Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette
- Kiko Nail Polish  278 (Violet Orchid Microglitters)
- Barry M Chameleon Lilac 332

Prize 3 
- Kiko Nail Polish  300 (Pearly Malachite Green)
- Kiko Nail Polish  328 (Gray)
- Fruit Fimo Wheel
so yeah there will be 3 winners and this giveaway is open internationally.The giveaway will run for a month.
to enter fill in the rafflecopter widget below. 
P.S. dont enter any fake entries as i have enough time to check every single entry.  If i foud one then i wil delete the entry immediately and block  the person for future giveaways.

make sure that u do read terms and conditions mentioned below the widget.

Do enter and all the best. 

THANK YOU again for all of your love and support.