Friday, 17 February 2012

Cute Shimmery Toe Nail Art

Hello Gals,
Toe nails are often ignored. The best we do for them is get a pedicure and apply a polish but doing a simple nail art on them make them look different from others and get everyone's attention. Its tougher to do ur toe nails and u have to make many postures to do even a simple nail art :D so did I.

Nail polishes i used for this are: beauty uk no.64 (blue), a green glitter (i have one  from redherring winter nail collection), collection 2000's french white, colorlife 211(pink),  Elle 18(pk 99) and a top coat.

and here's the final look:
Hope u all like this one..
Please leave comment and share your thoughts about this.



  1. I stamp my toe nails and I have been told I am the epitome of faltugiri to do all that lol

    looks nice though:D

    1. same here Emm :) thts y hvnt took the pic of the left foot's toe nails :D

  2. Hey Dimpal Nice Blog.. following you right away :)

    1. thnx Shruti... :) tht inspire me to do more n more experiments with my nails <3 <3

  3. Hey,
    I have been reading your blogs and following your work for quite some time now & i have to say they're very good and informative at the same time. I also run a nail salon in the UK & have a website for the same where we show & talk about our work.
    Do check our website also that would be very nice of you!!

    Thank You