Friday, 24 February 2012

My Blisscovered February Box

Hello Beauties,
I was reading so many posts about Blisscovered February box and that made me very impatient about delivery of my box. By the time i published my previous post i got my blisscovered box.. yaaayyyyy... i took no time to open it (perfect timing , i had my camera with me that time). Here's what i got:
packed in very beautiful lavender box

 CK One Shock(liked d fragrance)
 Forest Essential Honey & Vanilla Bath and Shower Oil
 Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Balancing Softner
 Omved Tired Foot Soak
 Chambor Waterproof Eye Pencil- Navy Blue
just a single swipe.. 

I liked all the items.. and already started using Shiseido..and now waiting for the march box (yes i am very greedy :D :D)



  1. hey same pinch :D :D But did you notice that the card says navy blue and in the pencil it is forever blue?? Today only checked. You liking shiseido? Me liking it :D

    1. thnk u thnk u... no i didnt notice tht yt :).. i like Shiseido though today only started using it..

  2. hey me got the liner too though i would have preferred the eye shadow trio :P

    1. same here Sam... wht else u got??.. nd btw u like to be called Sam or Suma :)))

    2. You got the liner too?? You will rock that color sam :)

  3. Wow :) the reviews soon :)

  4. Looks like they are sending all the good stuff only to the bloggers who write reviews. Others are either getting so so products (check their facebook page) or not getting the box at all.

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