Friday 10 February 2012

Nail polish haul

Hey beauties,
i luv to shop nail polishes a lot and UrbanTouch is my first preference not only because of their wide range but they have some cheaper brands also like colorlife. I don't prefer expensive brands if I wish to try a color on my nails. Yesterday i ordered some colorlife polishes alongwith street wear and elle 18 nail pops from UrbanTouch and i got it delivered today itself. The colorlife polishes are quite cheap.(INR 25. for 6ml) though me 2 trying them for first time so was not sure about the quality of the product.

here is what all i got:
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 211(deep pink color)
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 215(bright blue color)
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 209( coffee shade)
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 216(white)
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 201(bloody red shade)
- Colorlife Nail Color shade 218(topcoat)
- Streetwear Color  Rich Gold Spark
- Streetwear Color  Rich Oceanic Blue 34

- Elle 18 Nail Pops color 53
- nail polish remover again from colorlife
- Garnier anti dark circle roll on for medium skin.

Colorlife polishes are very rich in color and the brush is very smooth and give perfect strokes.  I will do swatches and NOTD soon.