Thursday 23 February 2012

Dry Water Marbling Tutorial and NOTD

Hello Beauties,
last 2-3 days were quite busy for me as my younger sis got sick... couldnt find any time to do my nails.. and I am eagerly waiting for my blisscovered box which is not arrived yet :((( ..

Okay coming on to today's mani.. I am sure u all love water marbling. I am too a big fan of it but as all of u know that it takes lot of efforts and time to get your  nails done. Then i come to know about Dry Water Marbling and absolutely luved it.

after coming back from UK , I don't know if this water quality creating a problem or what but my polishes with which i use to do my beautiful marbling over there aren't working properly  here even though i am using filtered water.. :(  I tried many polishes but couldn't make a perfect design. Finally my Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine polishes came as my savior.Here are the polishes and other thing which are required for the dry water marbling:
-a mug full of water.
-a toothpick
-a plastic zipbag (cut into circle as to fit inside the mug)
-a paper towel and scissor. 

Polishes that i used are :Street wear's 115 olive green, BYS's yellow sunshine, Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in vibrant and flash and of course a top coat.
firstly using a toothpick i made my design in water by alternating blue, magenta and yellow color. I am so sorry i am not putting a pic for that as i forget to take a pic in hurry of creating the design. After that i put the plastic cutting on this design using a tweezers and take it out after say 20-30 seconds and let it dry on a paper towel for 10-15 mins.
While the design was drying ,I applied 2 coats of my base color that is olive green. 
Then i cut strips from the plastic and put the strips on my each nail(with polish facing towards the surface of nail) and pressed it for 2 mins. Make sure ur base color is dried for at least 5 mins so it can adapt the marble design easily.
After that grab a corner and rip it off quickly and ta-dahhh the design will remain on ur nail.
Finish it of with top coat. 
I really loved this style of water marbling.It take very less time and effort as compare to traditional marbling. The main headache is to find out which polishes are working for you :P..

I hope u all like it and ll never be afraid of water marbling again :))
Please do comment if you have any queries or doubts abt this.



  1. Maybe its the high salt content of water....try using boiled water next time but it still looks lovely!

    Btw, found the yellow bag?

    1. nice tip Emm... ll definitely try next time :).. yes i got tht in evening :)))

  2. Awesome method Dimps :) Luv it!!!

  3. cool this sounds fun too - will try - though i do find the part of transfering the design on a plastic sheet so neatly a bit difficult :)

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