Sunday 19 February 2012

Play with Rhinestones

Hello Beauties,
I am not a very big fan of shimmer based polishes but after viewing so many nail blogs and lovely shimmer based polish nail arts, I wanted to give them a try. I bought some Elle 18 nail pops and Street wear gold spark. After 2 days i  thought to redo it with rhinestones and make it little rich for a party look.

Polishes that i used are: (from tip to base) Elle 18 nail pops 28, 53,40 Street wear 20 and a top coat.

Rhinestones are my any time favorite. They give very reach look to ur art and can be wear both casually or on any occasion. 
Hope you all like it.
comment  if u also like to put rhinestone on your nails.



  1. pretty good job girl !! i too have few nail art posts on my blog check out. And what is your fb page link ??
    blog :
    fb :

  2. Hey Muks... thnx :) my fb page is here:

  3. Hello! I am new to nail art and your blog is a big help! I recently also bought a Konad plate based on one of your "Konadicures" I wanted to ask if colorlife nail polishes are pigmented enough to be used for nail art stamping. :) Or are Konad ones the best option available?

    1. cool.. which plates u got and from where ?? I haven't tried colorlife polishes for stamping but i think they won't work well as stamping polishes are thicker in consistency ... some China glaze , Sally Hansen works well.. I'll try the colorlife and some other indian brand and let you know .. :)

    2. I bought the Konad M63 plate after looking at your manicure. Also bought the S10 (Hello kitty plate!!) with M65 plate (I just love the roses pattern there) {I bought all of them from urbantouch at INR 160/- a plate} :)
      Thanks so much! I shall be eagerly awaiting to know if they work for stamping or not!

    3. ohh thts very exciting !!!!.... will post abt it soon :)

    4. pooja i tried colorlife polishes thy work ok ok types .. arn't as shiney as konad one's .. i tried my old shimmery lakme polish also nd it worked surprisingly good..

  4. Beautiful.. :) Hey Dimpal I've tagged you in my recent post, do check out :)